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Gramreports exports a report with historical data on your Instagram business account.  Engagement, 100 days of insights, audience data, all your posts and more.



100 Days of Insight

Reach, engagement and impressions for 100 days of your Instagram account. 

Audience Breakdown

Gender, demographic, language and location.

Post Analysis

Insight into your posts with hashtag, likes, saves and comment analytics.

Tagged Media

List of media you've been tagged in with comment and like count. Perfect for running competitions.

Instant Access via Spreadsheet

Your data is yours. You'll have permanent access to your report in a Google Sheet where you manipulate, export to PDF or share with your team and client

Story Insights

Taps, impressions, replies and more for the last 24 hours worth of stories.

Flat Pricing. Unlimited Sharing

No paying per user or account. Pay only when you need a report. Add up to 20 accounts and share your reports as you wish. See our pricing.

Pre-formatted report

Save hours every month by getting all of your Instagram data automatically. Reports are ready to share or download.

Spreadsheet Format

Easily manipulate data, create reports and share using standard Google Sheets or Excel

Discover New Opportunities

Go beyond the 7 days of data that Instagram gives you and discover how you can improve your Instagram account.

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