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Why it's important to use desktop Instagram Insights

Why it's important to use desktop Instagram Insights

Instagram has grown to become one of the most important marketing channels for business. Part of this is the organic way it let's brand tell their story, and how easy it makes it do so all through a mobile phone. 

To complement this, they introduced insights into their mobile app that allows you to see high-level information about your audience and insights into how your Instagram posts are doing. 

But there are some limitations on using this data via mobile that you should be aware of. 

Limitations of Instagram Insights on mobile 

So what's wrong with the insights available on mobile? 

 Firstly, I think the built-in Instagram Insights are actually fantastic for day-to-day use. They give you a quick insight into how your business is doing for the day/week and let you gauge micro-shifts in trends for your business. 

But they don't let you look at your data in a way that's needed to make great content decisions or discover new trends. 

Here are just a couple of examples.

1. Requires lots of manual work 🙇🏻‍♀️

It's no secret that looking at data, whether that be your latest posts or your engagement rates is much easier with a google sheet on your work station then it is on a mobile device. 

While mobiles are great for getting quick insight. Any meaningful insight requires tapping into multiple screens and navigating through the Instagram app. 

If you want to record this data, that requires even more work of manually transcribing to a separate document 😷

2. No way to share data 🤝

Building on the point above, many Instagram account owners are absolute hero's when it comes to managing every aspect of their business. 

But there inevitably comes a time where you need to share your data with someone else. Maybe so they know how to target your next marketing campaign, or maybe just for some extra context to understand what works well in your business. 

You could give them access to your account (not going to touch on the security implications here), but then they're going to have the same issues as (1). 

If you have access to your data on desktop, you're going likely going to be able to share that information with them. 

3. Demographic data only available one week at a time 🙈

 Ok, this is more a limitation with insights in general, but when you're using the mobile Instagram insights, you're only going to see data for the last week. 

Imagine an influencer from Argentina posts about your account one week. All of a sudden your data for that week is completely skewed towards people from Argentina. 

Maybe that's something you can build upon, or maybe it's not. but without being able to compare to previous data there's a good chance that data will just get lost. 

You're really just looking at the average of your account data week-to-week and potentially ignoring valuable opportunities.
Desktop solutions that let you export your data (like the solution I mention below) will let you get much more than just one week of data at a time. 

So let's talk about how to get around these limitations and get access to your insights on your desktop.

How do you get Instagram insights on your desktop?

This is a question I had myself, and I honestly couldn't find a solution I liked.

While there are many Instagram related SaaS products out there I had a couple of problems with almost all of them:

  • I didn't want to sign up for to a monthly subscription product
  •  They didn't give me the historical data I wanted. That historical data is what's really valuable to me when I'm running marketing campaigns or trying to understand my audience.
  • Few of them allowed me to export the data in a way I could easily manipulate it as needed. 
  • They didn't give me the flexibility to add as many accounts as I needed and share my account data use Instagram insights on your 

So I created Gramreports. Gramreports allows you to export your Instagram data into a Google Sheet. Not only does this give you access to your insights on your desktop, but it will also give you:

  • historical access to 100 days of your previous insights
  • detailed demographic data
  • hashtag counts
  • Your posts and tagged media insights. 

By taking advantage of Google Sheets, you can use your Instagram Insights right on your desktop.

I've found Google sheets to be the best way to store, manipulate and share data, so by taking advantage of that platform you're getting the best of both worlds.

What's more, you can add in up to 20 accounts, and you only pay when you need a report.

If you want to start using Instagram insights on your desktop, you can get started with Gramreports using the link below:


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