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Development Update #2 - Go live

Development Update #2 - Go live

After a couple of big night and weekend sprints, Gramreports is now live to the public!

It's always scary releasing something you've built to the public, but feedback so far has been really positive and now all that's left to do is get it in the hands of people who can really use it. 

There were a few final hurdles in getting it launched. A couple of bugs that would result in empty reports under certain circumstances or not sharing access to the report properly. Thankfully these are all fixed and accounted for. But Instagram data can vary account-to-account, so if you still run in to errors please contact me and I'll make sure everything is fixed up for you. 

All of the 'automatic' functions of Gramreports that generate the reports have also been built as manual functions that can be used to fix up any issues that do happen.

After fixing those bugs, the last thing left to do was the customer facing side of things - email templates, front-end website, sign up process. 

All of these can definitely be improved upon, and now that the main product is stable I'll spend a bit of time on those and writing up some content, while addressing any initial launch quirks and suggestions that arise.




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