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Development Update #1

Hey! Around a year ago I started working on a fun project to overcome some of the shortcomings I found with Instagram.

Namely, I didn't want to rely on the built in analytics that only provided limited amount of insight, and only for 7 days. 

7 days isn't a meaningful amount of time to test or learn anything.

When I looked at the market, there were definitely a tonne of competitors. Ranging from full custom agency solutions, to your typical social media management tools.

In the last year, I've seen and worked with brands where Instagram is almost as an important channel as their own website.

It's a channel for them to tell their story, connect with customers and grow their audience faster than any other time in history. 

So despite the competition, I knew there needed to be a better, simpler tool for anyone to understand their Instagram channel better. Why couldn't we have a Google Analytics style tool for Instagram channels?

That's all good to say, but it's hard to go down the path of building a new product alone. So I posted a short paragraph on Reddit along with a quick screenshot of my prototype:

gramreports instagram analytics

To my surprise, thousands of people viewed the post, signed up for updates, reached out for email or commented. Five months later, it's one of the top posts on /r/socialmedia for the year!

That was great validation. But now I had to turn this into a product others could use.

Here are just a couple of the challenges so far:

  • Getting permissions from Instagram / Facebook. 
  • Figuring out how to store / manage daily data securely
  • Building a dashboard that is simple to use but shows the right information
  • Making everything work well on mobile, since Instagram is a mobile first app

As well as developing the initial brand, marketing and keeping people update.

It's been a fun few months overcoming those challenges. And looking forward to bringing other people onto the product. 


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