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Understanding Location shifts in your Instagram Account

Understanding Location shifts in your Instagram Account


While working on some updates to how Instagram data is charted for the GramReports (thanks for all of your feedback and patience! Exciting news to come soon), the Instagram account I was working with raised an interesting point.


How does the location of your Instagram audience change each week?

Take for example this screenshot from the (old) dashboard:

Now compare it with data from a week earlier (something that default insights doesn't give you):

While the core markets stay relatively the same, notice how secondary markets like Mexico fluctuate.

If you're a startup, understanding these emerging markets could play a key part in getting followers at a lower cost than in more competitive markets.
For larger users, these few per cent could make a big impact on your bottom line. Being able to correlate a sudden increase or decrease in specific markets to your content strategy could help you tailor your content to the most receptive audience. 

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