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How to export Instagram Insights

How to export Instagram Insights

If you're a business user on Instagram with an Instagram Business account, you'll have access to some great data built into the core Instagram app. 

This data allows you to see things like:

  • Where your audience live
  • The gender and age of your audience
  • Insights into which posts are doing well
  • and insights into how engaged people are with your posts

Whether you own the account or just manage the Instagram account, having access to this data is great for day-to-day management.

But to make use of your Instagram data, you need to know how to have access to it in a way that you can really dive into the data to understand what's doing well and where those opportunities might be that you haven't uncovered. 

So in this quick post, I'm going to show you how you can export your Instagram insights using Gramreports, and wrap up with some of the useful things you can do once you have your data exported into a nice Google Sheet. 

The one time set up will take a few minutes, and then you'll be able to export your data whenever you want at the click of a button!

First - how to export your Instagram Insights

Ok, so full disclosure, this will require setting up a Gramreports account. 

But we've decided to offer the first report for free. Which means you can download 100 days worth of insights, and 1,000 posts for free.

So step one - Sign up for a free account. 

Just head on over to the registration page here and choose your email and password. Easy. 


Step two - Add a new Instagram Account

Once you've signed up, you should be on the account page

You'll see a big button saying add accounts. Guess what that does?

Click it, and you'll be taken to a set of instructions on how to enable access to your Instagram account. 

gramreports add account

This access basically gives access to specific parts of your Instagram account like insights. You can read about what each of the permissions do. The benefit of this approach is that there's no need to renew the token needed, you can always see when the app is active and revoke access anytime you want. It's basically a self-contained username and password to your Instagram data just for Gramreports to use. 

Step three- Generate report!

If all goes well, once you have added your account you can now click "Generate Report" to start your report. 

It will take you to a checkout page, but if it's your first report the price will be discounted to zero. 

Step four - check your email

Almost immediately, you should receive an email inviting you to access a Google Spreadsheet (similar to Excel). 

This sheet will have all of your Instagram Insights and other data.


Step five - start using your Instagram Insights!

You should now have access to a full export of your Instagram Insights data! Here are just a few things you can do now that you have this information at your fingertips:

Send the dashboard to your staff or clients to show how your account is performing


See which posts have the highest engagement and which ones have been saved the most


See which posts you've been tagged in


Get 100 days of insight data into how your Instagram account is performing


See how many times you've used certain hashtags


And that's just what comes out of the box with a standard Gramreport. With a bit of excel knowledge, you can unlock those Instagram superpowers in no time!

You can create a Gramreports account here and get started with your first free report


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