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Instagram insights is the built in way for you to learn more about your audience on Instagram. But the built-in insights only offer you 7 days for things like your audience gender, location and interactions.

Here we're going to talk about 3 ways you can get more than 7 days of Instagram data.

First up - Instagram for Business

Once you have your account switched over to a business account, you'll be able to see metrics like reach, engagement and insights.

These metrics show you how your audience is interacting with your content, what they're choosing to click on and how many people it is actually reaching. 

Because there are only 7 days worth of data, many businesses choose to ignore these metrics or only take them into minor consideration with their business for a quick glance at their day-to-day impact. Tools like Google analytics give you much deeper insight so can be more valuable. 

Even if you're logging in and checking these insights every day, what if you wanted to compare performance to last month? Or two months ago?

If you're running an Instagram for a client, it's difficult and time consuming to keep track of this data which means it's harder for you to sell the value of your services. 

So, there's three ways that you can get more than 7 days of Instagram insights right now.

1. Manually record this data

This might sound tedious, but I imagine a lot of people reading this are doing this already. Logging in to Instagram and recording the data in a seperate spreadsheet.

To do this, you'll need to log in to your account at least once per week and record each of the insights in the spreadsheet. There's a lot of room here for human error, or just wrong data if you're not recording your data at the right time.

2. Use Facebook Graph

Facebook graph is a tool for app developers to access data that lives on the Facebook platform. That includes Instagram!

With Facebook Graph, you can access more than the seven days of data that Instagram surfaces through the app, but you'll need to spend some time familiarising yourself with how to use Graph and the data will be provided in JSON which you'll have to format. 

3. Automatically export your Instagram data to a Google Sheet

The third option uses the above Graph method, but does all the heavy lifting for you. It walks you through the set up of Facebook graph and at the click of a button will generate a Google Sheet that will have not just 100 days of insights data, but information about your Instagram audience and much more.  

This is how Gramreports works. Gramreports is a tool that will generate a report on your Instagram business account with over 100 days of Insights and deeper analysis into your Instagram account. 

No more manual spreadsheet updates!

You can create a free account here and add as many as 20 Instagram business accounts. Once you have your report you can also share it and download it to your workstation anytime you want!

You can use the link below to get started with your first report.



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