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Are you Boxing in your Instagram Data? How to use instagram for Business Decisions

Are you Boxing in your Instagram Data? How to use instagram for Business Decisions

When any new, exciting channel comes out for marketers, those not saavy enough to recognise how it fits in with their business tend to look at it in a siloed fashion.

They look at this new opportunity and spend so much time trying to figure out minute details, that they don't step back and look at how they can do the big picture tasks that will have longer term impact. 

Would you agree this could be said for Instagram? 

One thing I've painfully noticed when speaking to small businesses, or even larger ones who have established marketing channels, is that their "Instagram Strategy" is restricted to the cadence of posts and what kind of content they should post. 

Or even more painfully, they're trying to replicate what's worked on Facebook or Twitter on their Instagram. Posting generic product photos or content that is out of sync with the platform. 

Focusing on these micro goals of likes and comments for particular leads to frustration and an uphill struggle.

What I've learnt from working with successful, instagram-driven eCommerce brands is that Instagram is a community tool to be used within your business as a whole.

Lack of data is a big part of this. Instagram only gives you a 7 day window into your data outside of likes and comments. So naturally likes and comments are what users fall back on to measure their success.

It's time to start looking at Instagram as a whole. Gramreports allows you to look at your Instagram from a more holistic perspective and understand how it's going to impact your business as a whole.

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